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Personal Training For Women 45 to 70 Years Young!

It’s never too late to be great!

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You become accountable for your own well being. No more depending on a trainer that just wants you to be a customer for as long as possible.

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Build a program that can easily be done in your own home with minimal equipment. No need for a fancy gym or workout space.

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We'll build your confidence and ability to safely exercise so you can continue training on your own. But I'll still be there when you need me.

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Motivational support not only during our scheduled sessions but whenever needed from a certified Life Coach.

About the Coach, Jill Erridge

Prior to retiring from a successful career in Human Resources in Calgary, Jill Erridge obtained her certification as a Personal Trainer. Jill knew she wanted to continue doing something that would positively impact women’s lives and training was a great fit. Jill began working with clients prior to leaving Calgary and continued once she moved back to her roots in Ontario. Jill continued to study, broadening her skills and accreditations.

In addition, Jill is a qualified life coach and provides motivational support not only during scheduled fitness training sessions but whenever needed.

Jill is also trained in brain fitness. Incorporating a focus not only on sculpting bodies but also brains. Very few trainers are trained in both body and brain fitness and are life coaches as well.

Jil Erridge

I am a woman over 50, a certified coach, personal trainer, Brain Health & Active Aging educator and Wellness Circle host.
It’s never too late to great!

What my customers say…

It’s never too late to be great!

Our Core Benefits​

I believe in my heart and soul that women have the power to heal a world that is in need of healing. But we can’t heal the world if we don’t take care of and replenish our hearts, bodies, souls and minds.

Taking time for yourself is the most important thing you can do – not just for you but for your family, your friends and the world at large. It isn’t selfish or shallow but a critically important part of a healthy lifestyle especially for women, who often put everyone else’s needs before their own.

I am all about facilitating self-care for women whether through body fitness, brain fitness or Women’s Wellness Circles where you learn and share with other women.

We are all at heart social animals and connection to others is important at all stages of life. Without connection, loneliness, despair and a sense of isolation from others can occur. Through connecting, we have the opportunity to give and receive affection, love, empathy, trust, and encouragement.

We connect by sharing with others, learning with others and growing with others. I create opportunities for connecting with other women through fitness groups, active aging fitness seminars, and Women’s Wellness Circles.

The definition of Empowerment is “The process of becoming stronger and more confident especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”. As you gain confidence in your physical ability and overall fitness you do more and dare more.

As you learn more about caring for yourself you become stronger and more balanced and as you connect in a wholehearted way with other women you learn and grow and build relationships. Through all of these individual steps, you have started to change your life and heal the world.

Self Care Opportunities

Personal Training

Strength, Vitality and Self Esteem. Those are the fundamental reasons why Beyond The Dream Coaching can help improve your physical fitness.

Work with Jill to develop a program that is right for you, and you only.

Active Aging Workshops

Explore our Active Aging Essentials workshops where you will learn how aging affects our bodies and brains and how we can mitigate those changes to lead vital and independent lives no matter how old we are. Remember it’s never too late to be great, you can continue to sculpt your body and mind at any age.

Women's Wellness Circles

Be welcomed into a Woman’s Wellness Circle. An informal gathering of women who have come together in the spirit of self-care to connect and learn and laugh. We will have guest speakers each month who will share their passion with us so we can experience something new and different and grow. 

Every 3 Thursday of the month at 7:00 -9:00 at Hello Yoga in Port Hope.

The best time to prepare for aging is before you age – the second best time is now!

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